At Trinity Baptist Church we place a high priority on being a church that is devoted to prayer. We believe very strongly in the power of personal and corporate prayer. The scriptures teach us that we do not have because we do not ask. We know that prayer moves the hand of God and conforms the believer into the image of his son. There are a number of ways that you can be involved in our prayer ministry at Trinity.

Congregational Prayer Meeting

This is a time for the church to gather as a whole and pray for our spiritual and physical needs. We do this on Wednesday nights at 6:30 and we highly encourage all of our people to participate. During this time we follow a format that is linked to the Lord’s prayer. We begin our time in prayers of adoration and continue with prayer for God’s will to be done, His provision both spiritually and physically, as well as Thankfulness for his many gifts. We then spend time in prayerful confession, and ask for spiritual protection, help for being forgiving people, and pray for God’s kingdom to come. At times we pray together as a group, and also break up into smaller groups. During this time we also have a few minutes in the scripture to encourage us in our walk with the Lord and lead us into prayer.

Prayer Partnerships

We have an ongoing ministry of one on one weekly prayer through our prayer partnerships. Prayer partners choose the time and place to meet once a week to prayer for individual needs and the needs of the church. Occasionally the prayer partnerships will all come together corporately to pray.

Early Sunday Morning Prayer

This is a time of prayer before church activities begin on Sunday morning. We encourage our people to participate in this as it helps to set the tone of our Sunday gatherings. We meet to pray specifically for God, through his Holy Spirit, to move in our church that day bringing conviction and comfort where it is needed. We pray for the hearts of people to be molded into the plan God has for their lives.

We Focus on Prayer During Worship

This is simply a time we set aside in each service. The church stops and prays silently to prepare their hearts before a time of praise and the preaching of the word.