Avery Dixon – Lead Pastor

God called me into ministry at the age of seventeen, and although I wasn’t sure what that meant, I knew that from that point on I would go wherever he led. Over 20 years later, God is still finding things for me to do.  My life in ministry has been a journey, starting with camps for children and R.A.’s, then youth ministry, and now the role as Senior Pastor. I have a desire to see people not only know Jesus, but to grow up in Him.  I hunger to see the church become healthy people with an abundance of love and forgiveness for others. 

God has blessed me with a beautiful and artistic wife who genuinely loves people.  I also have been given two amazing children, Aiden and Mia.  Besides my love for Jesus, these three are the most important things in the world to me.

I also enjoy being outdoors hunting and fishing and participating in sports, both as a spectator and a player, when my body allows it. I’m a big Saints fan and love the Atlanta Braves.  I received my undergraduate in Journalism and Public Relations as USM and my Master’s Degree at NOBTS.  I am currently really enjoying my time here at Trinity Baptist Church as their Pastor.  They have been a huge blessing for me and my family.